Diamond Painting Websites

Painting is a skilled art. It is not something that you can learn in a class and become a Picasso instantly. It needs talent, natural-born talent.

During the old days, the painting was through hand printing or brushing. Now, things are becoming advanced. You can now paint with a spray can, pencils, crayons, or even diamond painting. Diamond painting has become famous over the years.

If you remember color by number from childhood, this will be a cakewalk for you. But, if we put it in clear words, it is an amalgamation of cross stitch and color by numbers.

Now, some prefer using an applicator pen since it is easy and it does the trick. All in All, it must involve the use of beads to create a lustrous look.

Is Diamond Painting difficult to learn?

Well, we would say it depends upon the learner. Overall, here the few things you need to know about learning diamond painting;

  • It is tedious. The diamond painting uses beads. To make a canvas painting, you require a lot of time and patience as the beads are too small. If you are not patient then, it will be difficult for you to learn diamond painting.
  • It varies in sizes, shapes, and patterns. The complexity of a painting may give you difficulty when learning how to diamond painting. Some canvas paintings can be as complex as someone’s face. Others are as simple as a box.
  • Tools and gadgets play a crucial role in learning diamond painting. Having a diamond painting toolbox makes the learning process easy. Why? Tools like an applicator pen, a bead store, or a case reduce the inconvenience when learning it.
  • Diamond painting requires extra vision. If you have vision problems, your diamond painting learning will be difficult. Unless you possess tools like a magnifying glass, you will not see beads due to their small sizes.
  • Work in lighting conditions. With light also comes visions. As you know, diamond painting is a tedious job. Thus, mistakes are inevitable. It is good to make sure that you have the right amount of light when diamond painting. To ease your learning experience, it is best you get a light pad for diamond painting.

Diamond Painting Websites

The following are the best diamond painting websites out there;

#1. Colorelaxation

The website began in 2018 in the U.S.A. It has an active fan base both on social media and on its blog. The site contains all sorts of diamond paintings, posting eight posts per quarter. It ranks twenty-one on domain authority and one million on Alexa’s ranking.

2. Pretty Neat Creative

Founded in October 2017, Pretty Neat Creative is among the best websites for diamond painting. The site has a strong fan base on social media and posts thirteen posts every year. It has a social engagement ranking of three, a domain authority ranking of twenty-one, and an Alexa ranking of one point three million.

If you are new to diamond painting, this is the best website to start.

3. Paint With Diamonds

The Paint with Diamonds is a New York-based site for diamond painting, founded in Jan 2018. The website has a strong fan base on Instagram and Facebook. It has a total of one hundred and eighty-seven followers. It ranks twenty-eight in social engagement, twenty-six in domain authority, and two and fifty-six thousand four hundred on Alexa’s rank.

4. DiamondXpres

Founded in Jan 2019, the Hawaiian website is one of the best websites for diamond painting learners. It gives out knowledge on simple DIYs’ for diamond painting. Also, it posts on the latest diamond painting kits. The website posts once a month. It does not have much of a large fan base as its predecessors. It ranks fifty-two in engagement, seventeen in domain authority, and three million on Alex’s rank.

5. Diamond Painting 

The website began in October 2018 in the U.S.A. The website’s purpose was to share knowledge related to diamond painting. The owner says that they love everything about diamond painting, and they wish to share it with the whole world. That’s a nice thought, indeed! 

The site posts thrice a year, ranking right on domain authority and two-point two million on Alexa’s ranks, which is superlative. 

6. Designs Dreamer

The Pittsburgh website came to life in January 2019. The website’s purpose was to give a premium experience to diamond painters and diamond painting lovers. It posts five posts a year with twenty-three thousand, five hundred fan bases on social media. It ranks nine on domain authority.

7. Diamond Art Club 

Founded in May 2018, the U.S based website is among the best website for diamond painting. Why? It gives users knowledge on diamond painting, on how to get the best experience out of it. The website posts twelve posts a year. Moreover, it has a fan ninety-eight thousand fans on social media (Instagram and Facebook combined). It ranks twenty-six on domain authority and one hundred nine thousand and six hundred on Alexa’s ranks.

8. Diamond Painting Hut 

The website began operating in March 2019. The website is for displaying different diamond paintings and diamond kits. It is not that active as it only posts two posts a year. It has a small social media fan base of one hundred and eight fans. Lastly, it ranks six on domain authority.


The blog website began in Aug 2018. Founded by a group of artists, engineers, and visionaries, the website displays DIY arts. Although it has a ranking of eight on engagement, it only posts one post a year. It has a solid fan base of three thousand Facebook fans. Lastly, it ranks fourteen on domain authority and one million on Alexa’s rank.

10. Floating Styles 

The website has been active since 2017. Founded in the United States, the website is perfect for diamond painting beginners. It provides diamond kits to start with this; it eases the learning process. The website has a solid fan base of ten thousand five hundred fans on social media. Lastly, it ranks twenty-five on domain authority.

11. Wizard 

Founded in Minneapolis, this is the “go-to” website if you are looking for kits. The company itself is responsible for the production of all kits on canvas and plywood. It also specializes in 3D paper craft skills and diamond painting. It posts once a month, ranking four on domain authority and four-point-four million on Alexa’s ranks. It also has a thousand Instagram followers.

12. Diamond Painting Digest

The site began in Sep 2018. Its purpose was to create a community where they can share information about diamond paintings. The website ranks second on engagement due to its low number of followers. It also ranks four on domain authority.

13. Shimmer Stitch

The website is also another perfect website for beginners. The website offers tutorials and hacks on diamond painting, easing your learning experience. The website has a fan base of eighteen thousand four hundred on Instagram and fourteen Twitter followers. It ranks three on domain authority and four-point two million on Alexa’s ranks.


It may not be a diamond painting website but, it sure is one of the best markets. Most buyers tend to buy their paintings on Etsy as it is a reputed website. If you a looking to profit or buy diamond paintings, this is the best website to do.

15. Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest market in the world right now. Thus, if you are looking for diamond canvas, you will find many of them here. Plus, they come with different price ranges and can offer shipping services. They also sell kits and even guide books for diamond painting.

How To Buy Your First Ever Diamond Painting Kit?

As the technology progressed, buying and selling things became easy. During the old days, you would need to find stores and galleries that sold diamond paintings. Now, you need an internet source and a few clicks to purchase and get your diamond painting kit on your doorstep. Thus, below are the best sites if you are looking to buy your first ever diamond painting kit;

1.Diamond art club – One of the most trusted platforms

The website sells diamond paintings, kits, and canvas. The site is easy to navigate since it is specifically for the art. Thus, you do not need to scroll or search, unlike other sites. In addition to that, it has a vast catalog giving you options.

Reasons to buy on this site.

  • It is user friendly.
  • It has a vast catalog.
  • It is specific for diamond painting.

2. Amazon – Your First Pick

As we said earlier, Amazon is the biggest market in the world. Thus, it has a large customer base and seller base for diamond paintings. It may be hard to start if you are new to it. Once you login to the front page, all you need to do is write “diamond paintings” on the search button. The site will then display a page containing its best diamond paintings.

Reasons to buy at this site.

  • It has a large seller-base.
  • It provides shipping services.
  • It tells you about the reviews and descriptions of the diamond painting.

3. What’s in store for you at eBay? 

Before Amazon became popular, we had eBay. It is still one of the giants in the B2C market in the world. The site is user friendly, making your buying experience enjoyable. With a vast diamond painting catalog, it is one of the best buying sites out there.

Reasons to buy at this website.

  • It has a vast seller-base.
  • It is user friendly.
  • It is a trusted website.

4. Say hello to Floating Styles 

Another great website to buy your first diamond painting is Floating Styles. The site offers a descriptive analysis of each diamond canvas, kit, and painting tools. In addition to that, it divides its diamond paintings catalog into sections. What does this mean? When you want to buy a diamond painting for your sitting room, you will go directly to the home décor section. It also comes with a 24 hours customer service to assist you.

Reasons to buy on this website.

  • It groups its diamond paintings into categories for easy selection.
  • It is an easy to use interface.
  • It has a 24 hours customer service.

5. Easy Whim is here! 

Finally, we have one of the most popular websites called Easy whim. The site is an art and craft site with a vast catalog for diamond paintings. What is impressive about this site is its sorting system. It sorts diamond paintings according to date, time, popularity, and other perimeters. It says a lot about its accessibility. It also has a user-friendly interface thus, easy to use.

Reasons to buy on this website:

  • It has a sorting feature.
  • It has a vast catalog.
  • It is user friendly.

Concluding thoughts 

You may try self-learning how to diamond paint on YouTube. It has an abundant number of tutorials from different instructors, leaving you with choosing part.

By checking out the diamond painting websites, you will get to learn so much about how artists work with complex and easy canvases.

If you are interested in this art, consider buying a diamond painting kit for yourself! Make sure it has all the tools – an applicator pen, a segregated storage box, canvas, adhesive/wax, a tray, and tweezers.

Buy the best diamond painting DIY kit for all your projects.

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