Diamond Painting Accessories

The artistic world gives you plenty of opportunities to express yourself. There are countless art forms that you can embrace, ranging from modern art to nude portraits. Moreover, nobody wears a judgmental lens in the art world. You can express yourself freely without fearing the judgmental eyes and talks. 

Since we are talking about different art forms, diamond painting has become a popular craft in the artistic world. The good news is you don’t need to have pre-existing skills or knowledge for this art form. On second thoughts, you might want to skim through this article. We will tell you everything about diamond painting. 

An artist cannot create a stunning piece without the must-have diamond painting accessories.  

So, let’s dive into the article and find out what you need in your toolbox. 

What is a diamond painting? 

Say hello to a fun and interactive craft called ‘diamond painting.’ It is a beautiful way to showcase your artistic side. Even if you are not armed with artistic skills or a crafty bone, this art form is easy and does not require any particular skill. However, you have to follow certain instructions and possess all the accessories to create a stellar piece. 

Diamond painting is an amalgamation of color by number and cross-stitch. The end result is a dazzling artwork piece. It would help if you used an applicator tool/pen and wax to scoop the diamonds and paste them on the adhesive canvas. The canvas is a color-coded chart. 

In a nutshell, it is THAT easy. Even a child can indulge in this. You might want to intervene in between so that the child does it correctly. This is not to say that experienced artists think of this craft as an amateur’s pastime. 

Did you know a diamond painting is a form of MBAT (Mindfulness-based art therapy)? Through this art form, you can gain clarity and find happiness and peace. Moreover, you are able to express yourself and your creative energy. 

Hold that thought! Since you have just begun your journey, you might be wondering what accessories and tools you need in the diamond painting kit. That’s a fair concern! Before you step out to buy a kit, it is advisable to know what is included in it. There are quite a few diamond painting accessories that you need to be aware of. 

As you move forward, you will across a lot of information, which includes the correct way to use diamond painting tools, the necessary accessories, and if sealing is essential or not. 

Keep reading! 

Do you need to seal a diamond painting? 

Sealing the diamond painting allows you to increase the overall longevity of the painting. When you finish painting (placing the beads/diamonds), you will have to lock all these beads so that it does not pop out.  

Beginners should use a rolling pin to check whether all the beads are in place or not. Is it a necessity? Well, if you plan to hang it on the wall for showcasing purposes, it is essential to seal the finished painting; else, the beads will get loose. 

There are many ways to seal a diamond painting. These include:

· Brush-on sealers: In case you want the diamond painting to last for years, consider investing in brush-on sealers. It is an all-in-one-glue. If you are mounting the painting without glass or any support, it is advisable to use a brush sealer. The first step is to use a rolling pin and check the firmness of each bead. Take a craft brush and dip it into the brush-on sealer. Use broad strokes with the brush and cover the painting with the brush-on sealing solution. Please don’t get overwhelmed by the process, as it’s relatively easy. Anybody can do it! However, you would need to buy a good-quality brush-on sealer for this purpose. 

· Spray sealers: If you are not into brush-on sealers, there are spray variants too. It gives a crystal clear finish. The aerosol spray sealers have one drawback, which is they don’t cover the gaps in the painting. However, it retains the sparkle of the beads. And the solution dries relatively quickly. Mod Podge is a good brand that manufactures spray-on sealers. You can choose from Super Gloss, Matte Gloss, and Pearlized Gloss. 

In conclusion, sealing is a vital step and does not eat up a lot of time. If you want the best finish, opt for spray sealers. But, in case you want to fill those gaps in the painting, brush-on sealers are quite efficient. 

Great! Now, let’s jump to the section where you will get to learn about using diamond painting tools. 

Diamond Painting Accessories

If you are a beginner, you have to be careful about the tools you work with. Most importantly, you have to be aware of the functions of each tool. 

To begin, spread the beads in a tray. Each of the diamond kits comes with a tray, which makes your job easy. Place the beads on this, and keep all the tools on the working desk.  

The tools include a diamond painting pen (drill pen or wax pen), glue/wax, and light pad. 

The glue/wax should be in an open container. Spread out the canvas and make sure it flat on the surface. Do not use an iron to flatten out the surface, as the mechanism will stick to the canvas. Ideally, use heavy books and materials to hold the canvas in place. It will flatten out the surface, and the task will become easier. 

Check the color-coded numbers on the canvas and then dip the pin into wax/glue and pick up the bead. You have to match the number with its associated color. As we mentioned before, the entire process is an amalgamation of color by number and cross-stitch. 

The canvas is sticky, so it will hold the bead. Fill the larger part first and work with one color at a time. Once you are done with the process, you can seal the diamond painting using a brush-on sealer or spray sealer. This is mainly for those paintings that will be hung on the wall and do not have a mirrored frame. 

In a nutshell, using diamond painting tools is a cakewalk. You do not need expertise during the process. 

Diamond painting pen  

The most important tool in your kit should be the applicator pen. This is how you will pick the beads and place them on the adhesive canvas. If this tool is not there in your kit, it isn’t very helpful. You can either get a wax pen or a conventional pen. What’s the difference? Drill pens are a conventional option. They come along with the canvas/diamond painting kit. All you have to do is dip the pen into the wax and pick the diamond. A wax pen allows you to apply wax to the diamond directly. In case you feel you are running out of wax, sharpen the applicator, and it will be good to use AGAIN!

In case you have the drill pen (the more conventional one), we would suggest you get wax/glue. When you purchase a diamond painting kit, it will come with some form of adhesive. It helps in the easy transfer of the bead. 

Please remember that wax/glue is an important tool for diamond painting enthusiasts. You can’t do a clean or dream job without this tool. But, if you have a wax pen already, then this is not required. 

Here are some of the finest diamond painting pens that we found for you: 

RECORDARME STORE Resin Diamond Painting Kit Diamond Dill Pen 

This pen is made of a hundred percent handmade resin. Holding a heavy pen can be physically traumatizing, but this pen is lightweight and easy to use. It offers an easy and comfortable grip as well. 

Since it has multi bead placers, the job gets done 2x faster. We would recommend this good-looking and efficient pen for both kids and adults. Kids usually love a designer pen, and this one happens to be available in different colors. A great gift for those who enjoy diamond painting – this pen is a must-buy! 

Abodhu Diamond Painting Pen 

Here’s an excellent product that offers a firm grip, and it is quite easy to use. This diamond painting pen is versatile. People can use it for nail art, shoe art, and even DIY mobile cases. 

Add batteries to it, and it will light up. The overall experience becomes enjoyable when your applicator pen lights up.  You can explore the world of diamond painting pens. As you move forward, you will also come across the usage of a diamond painting roller and other accessories you may need.

Diamond Painting Roller

Securing your drills is possible with a diamond painting roller. What is it? Well, it is a super handy tool that helps in giving a finishing touch. 

While all this seems complicated, doing it is more comfortable. Once you have pasted all the beads on the painting, you have to give the final finishing to the artwork. How do you do that? You use a painting roller! 

Once you roll over the tool, all the beads stick to the canvas firmly. All the curved rows get smooth, and you get the perfect finish. Hence, using a roller is important.  This is an important step, especially when you plan to hang the painting on the wall. Don’t worry if there is no roller in your home. We have picked some outstanding products for you!

Senneny 5D Diamond Painting Roller

Do you want the rhinestones/beads to stick firmly on the canvas? If the answer is a YES, consider opting for Senneny 5D diamond painting roller. This is a great product as it smoothens the surface and locks the diamonds/rhinestones in place. You can use it for other DIY projects as well. Who is stopping you from being creative? Moreover, it is quite easy to use, and the grip is comfortable.

EastyGold 5D Diamond Painting Roller 

Well, this product is quite similar to the one we have mentioned. It is durable, portable, handy, and comes in the right size. This professional roller is a must-have for those who want to lock the diamonds in place without any hassle. Even kids can utilize this tool to flatten out the pasted beads. 

Superlative! Now, let’s get you familiar with the different diamond painting accessories out there. There are many more accessories you ought to have to do the task efficiently. 

Diamond painting accessories kit

Now that you are aware of the essential tools, we have to break some news. There are special diamond painting kits that come with all the necessary accessories. These include trays, adhesive (wax or glue), zipper bags, applicator pen, roller, tweezers, and storage box. 

Instead of buying each of the products separately, you can also opt for a complete kit. We thought of mentioning some of the best products out there. 

22-Piece 5D Diamond Painting Accessories Kit 

The product comes with four different sticky pens to do the job. A diamond painting roller is also included, which allows you to lock the rhinestones in place. The 22-piece 5D diamond painting kit also consists of 28-grid storage space. You can place different colored beads in each of these designated storage spaces.  A plastic tray, glue, and tweezers also come along with the kit. Basically, you will get everything in one package.

AWERSY Diamond Painting Kit 

Here’s an LED PADS kit that includes everything you need. You can keep the canvas on the LED pad and use the clippers to hold them in place. The light pad illuminates and helps you to see the true colors of the beads. You can turn its power on and off by using the USB. Besides the LED pad, you also get a roller, tweezers, PVC bags, fixing tools, clippers to hold the painting canvas, a 28-grid storage box to hold the beads, an applicator pen, and a lot more. This is a superlative product for those who enjoy doing DIY projects. 

All the above-mentioned accessory kits are popular and efficient. But, you need some more accessories to start the job. Before we conclude, take a look at the two essential tools that help you complete the job like a PRO. 

Diamond painting ruler

When you are picking the beads and placing them on the canvas, it is possible you might drop them elsewhere. The basic rule is to follow the numbers and place the colors allotted to these. 

That’s why it is necessary to have a diamond painting ruler. Keeping the drills straight can be a daunting task, but the diamond painting ruler helps you do that efficiently. 

The anti-stick ruler will ensure that the rhinestones/beads stick where they are supposed to and not anywhere else. 

Place the ruler on the canvas and fill all the empty spaces to get the perfect fit. If you ask us, this ruler is a life safer for those who struggle with placing the beads in the correct spot. 

As a beginner, you might want to use the ruler. It is meant for all those who do not have a steady hand or are prone to committing mistakes. While it is acceptable to make mistakes in the beginning, but you would yourself want the painting to look professional and neat. 

Hence, it is advisable to buy a diamond painting ruler for the job. Take a quick look at the product we have chosen for you: 

Whaline Diamond Painting Ruler

The product is made of high-quality stainless steel. With this product, you will be able to place the diamonds/rhinestones neatly. It is excellent for beginners, especially if they want to do the task at a swift pace. 

Beymemat 5D Diamond Painting Ruler 

When you are a beginner, it becomes difficult to do something for the first time. Beymemat is a great diamond painting ruler that helps you save time. The product is made of stainless steel and is quite soft and easy to use. 

Diamond dotz tools 

When you enter the world of diamond painting, you will across several new details about this art form. Did you know that diamond painting is also referred to as diamond dotz? That’s something new for you. 

In this art form, sparkly dots are placed on a sticky fabric. A stylus is used to stick the dots/shiny stones on the fabric/canvas. 

Without the right tools, you cannot get a professional and finished look. Hence, it is vital for you to invest in the right set of tools. 

It is not rocket science! All you have to do is invest in a kit that includes everything. In case you lose a specific tool from the kit, there are ways to replace them with new ones. Tools are available separately as well.  So, embrace the new art form, and you will find that it is quite addictive. Instead of buying a diamond painting at a high price, you can DIY and doll up the walls in your home. 

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