Color By Numbers For Adults

Who says Color by Numbers is reserved for preschoolers? Adults can play this game too! On second thought, coloring by number is not a very simple thing to do. There are hard challenges too, and the patterns may look confusing. Colors make the world an interesting place to live in. You get access to different shades of blue, green, and pink. Imagine a forest without colors – it will be black and white or grey. What if the orange fruit had no color? 

Color by numbers for adults is a game that makes you understand how different colors contribute to making a painting beautiful. Coloring the flower petals green and the leaf pink may not give you a satisfactory outcome. 

Here’s an informative post that talks about Color by Numbers for Adults. We will cover the following aspects in this article: 

· How coloring by number makes the job easy

· Why coloring by number is recommended 

· Expert Tips To Abide By  

We have also included some of the drawings that need some color. Numbers are mentioned in these drawings. All you have to do is follow the instructions and make them colorful and beautiful.

 Make sure you are ready with crayons, colored pencils, and a printer. Let’s dive right into the article.

How Coloring By Number Makes The Job Easy 

Coloring by number has become a popular mathematics game for kids, especially preschoolers. It helps them to identify numbers and learn more about colors. It is easier to differentiate between colors when you are using numbers.

What about the adults? Why should THEY be playing this game? 

It’s simple! When you present a colorless picture in front of an adult, they get confused about which color to fill in. It is not as easy as it seems! Some dads might color the river green, and moms might color the sun red or orange. 

Well, everyone has the right to be imaginative, but each object/phenomenon has an assigned color. There are seven colors in the RAINBOW, and modifying these colors might lead to confusion and misbalance. 

Now, this is important to note. Everyone knows that the rainbow consists of seven colors – VIBGYOR. Scientifically, the colors cannot change. You will never see black or grey color in the rainbow. When you are teaching your kids about the colors of the rainbow, you will hand them over the seven colors. 

That’s why it is important to color by number. The leaves cannot be fuchsia pink or burnt orange. When you color by number, the image starts looking aesthetically pleasing. 

Another important thing to note is that the shapes in an image don’t really shine individually. How are you able to identify objects without any color? We all know that apples come in red, green, and even a mix of green and red. Moreover, the objects do not look real without any color. When you put these shapes together and fill color – it makes sense. Colors are what create the image. 

When you color the image by following the numbers, it is easy to grasp which color goes where. On second thoughts, men struggle with color combinations and what goes where, so it is best to have some guidance.

Why Colouring By Number Is Recommended

By following the numbers and matching it with the colors associated with them, you will be able to beautiful the image.

This is an excellent activity for kids as well as adults. Color by numbers for adults is not just a fun task, but it also reduces anxiety and stress.

When you have a restless mind, sit down and start coloring. It will keep your mind off the stressful situation.

Also, when you are seeing the numbers and picking the colors as per them, your mind is constantly engaged. You become a problem-solver, and the stressful thoughts in your head leave the door.

Color by number for adults game is a fun way to interact with your kids as well. Kids enjoy coloring. It is an educational as well as fun experience for them. Sit down with your kid, and start coloring as per the numbers. This will engage you and the child.  

Spending time with kids is equally important. What’s stopping you?

COLOR By Numbers for Adults – Fun Exercises

You will find endless color by number kits for adults, but we have some printable options for you. In fact, there are special mobile applications too. The technological world is highly advanced and it gives you the opportunity to color by number online as well.

It is not just a fun game, but it also helps you to appreciate colors and what they do to an image.

Here’s something we have for you:

Can you make out what the image is trying to convey? This is a flower vase with flowers and leaves. The vase has no color, and the flowers look dull and lifeless. Adding a purple shade to the flowers will make them look pretty and lively. How do you know that the flowers have a leaf?

You would need to color the leaves in dark green and light green. A pop of red color on the base and mouth of the vase will make the colors pop.

When you fill in the colors, you will be able to make out where the flowers and leaves are.

Here’s another image you must be familiar with. Are you sure you are familiar with this character? If the jar he is holding did not have ‘HUNNY’ or ‘Honey’ written on it, one could not make out what it is. As per the numbers, it should be yellow. Once again, the shrubs cannot be purple or light pink. Perhaps they can be pink in an alternative world. When you color these shrubs green, you are able to make out they are shrubs and not feathers of a giant bird.

The tree’s bark will always be brown and not blue. Try and fill the colors as per the numbers, and you will see how it transforms the image.

Another thing to note here is that the bear can be anybody. How would you know that it is a famous character from movies, cartoons, and books? You will color the T-shirt in red, and paint their body orange. Once you have filled in the colors, you will make out that it is Pooh Bear. We are able to relate to characters through their signature clothing and the colors on it.

Here’s a complex image for you. Do you know what it is? When you color by number, there is a surprise element too. You don’t know what it is without filling the colors. As soon as you color the body with blue and pink, you will be able to make out that it is an elephant. What is the elephant holding? The elegant is wearing clothes here. What is he wearing? All you have to do is use the numbers, see the colors associated with these numbers, and paint the picture.

Is this a cake or a penguin sitting on top of a mountain? There is just one way to find out. You have to use the colors associated with the numbers.

In the initial stage, you can make out that there is a candle on top which looks like a penguin. But, there are layers beneath. It could be a cake! But, a regular person may have some trouble in finding out what the picture is trying to portray. Hence, adding colors to the layers and the background will help you recognize what it is.

Do you see the importance of colors? What if the cake had no colors? Even a pineapple cake has cherries and yellow-coloured pineapples on top.

Here’s an image of a tribal. It’s easy to make out since we are ardent followers of art and craft. But, any regular person may struggle to make out what this is. By adding color to this image, you will be able to differentiate between a person living in the city vs. someone living in the jungle.

This image will look beautiful with colors as the tribal has a feather hat and is wearing interesting jewelry as well.

Here’s the last drawing you need to color. Isn’t it wonderful that a pop of colors can give life to a dull image?

The image is complex, but by following the numbers and the colors associated with it, you will be able to make out what it is. It will give life to the drawing. As of now, you can make out that there are eyes, a circle, and two ears. But, you cannot make out what animal it is. By filling the background and then colouring the animal in yellow, you will be able to find out the name.

Expert Tips To Abide By

It might be tempting to color the whole image all at once. But, it is recommended to paint one color at a given time. Choose the largest area first and finish coloring it. Moreover, you should work from top to down to avoid disturbing the wet paint.

By finishing the larger parts, you are able to practice using the paint brush. Come to the smallest areas when you are about to finish.

Color by numbers for adults allows you have to have better brush and crayon control. It is up to you whether you want to use paints or crayons.

In the case of double numbers, it basically means you have to amalgamate those colors. Mixing two colors is also an art. If you see 2 & 3 as dark green and light green, it means you have to blend those colors to give life to the colorless leaf.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this article was able to give all the information that you need to be aware of.

It is essential to follow the colors associated with the numbers. Your focus will improve during the process. So, get a coloring book, install the application, or print the images we have included for you.

Color by numbers for adults is not just an activity for kids. If you want to break free from your monotonous life, and wish to take your mind off stress – consider coloring by numbers.

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