Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Glass – Detailed Guide

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Glass?

Perhaps you have seen countless artists using acrylic on canvas, but there is more to it. Acrylic paint is viewed as a new medium, but that’s far from the truth.   Here’s something you need to know – Ancient Romans used acrylic paint as well. As per historians, the Ancient Egyptians worked with a similar kind… Continue reading Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Glass – Detailed Guide

Color By Numbers For Adults

Who says Color by Numbers is reserved for preschoolers? Adults can play this game too! On second thought, coloring by number is not a very simple thing to do. There are hard challenges too, and the patterns may look confusing. Colors make the world an interesting place to live in. You get access to different shades… Continue reading Color By Numbers For Adults

Diamond Painting Accessories

The artistic world gives you plenty of opportunities to express yourself. There are countless art forms that you can embrace, ranging from modern art to nude portraits. Moreover, nobody wears a judgmental lens in the art world. You can express yourself freely without fearing the judgmental eyes and talks.  Since we are talking about different… Continue reading Diamond Painting Accessories

Full drill diamond painting

You must have come across the term ‘Diamond Painting.’ Maybe you overheard your colleague mentioning her newfound hobby or saw a random video on diamond painting while scrolling through your social media. In case you were wondering where exactly you could look up to understand more about ‘Diamond Painting,’ you have come to the right… Continue reading Full drill diamond painting

Stained Glass Kits

People have all kinds of hobbies, and some transform into lifelong passions. When it comes to art and craft, people choose painting, drawing, wood crafting, etc. Another fascinating art form is stained art. As soon as Christianity became prominent, stained glass gained popularity. Arab architects in the Middle East picked up the trend and started… Continue reading Stained Glass Kits

Diamond Painting Pen

An artist uses a multitude of tools to create a work of art. Most people believe that artists need a paintbrush to create inspiring work, but diamond painting artists need something unique – a diamond painting pen or a diamond painting applicator. A diamond painting pen is required for this particular craft. Diamond painting is… Continue reading Diamond Painting Pen

Stained Glass Patterns

Have you ever visited a church and appreciated its beauty? As soon as you enter a cathedral, you will be able to witness the beauty of stained glasses. These have spectacular designs, and some even narrate a story. Stained glasses have been a trend for years. In fact, people can now DIY at home by… Continue reading Stained Glass Patterns

Customized Diamond Painting

Painting color over diamonds or fake diamonds? No, you guessed it wrong. Diamond painting is a trending art form, where you glue shimmering rhinestones to a color-coded canvas. Once finished, they look so pretty with the tiny rhinestones or drills popping up in a lined-up fashion. They are readily available online, where you can purchase… Continue reading Customized Diamond Painting

5D Diamond Painting

Diamond painting can be considered one of the latest hobbies that individuals have, a mixture of paint with color and cross-stitch. When Coronavirus entered Planet Earth in 2020, many families and couples spent several months inside their home. The lockdown period gave rise to new hobbies, and some even became fitter during this time. Diamond… Continue reading 5D Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting Websites

Painting is a skilled art. It is not something that you can learn in a class and become a Picasso instantly. It needs talent, natural-born talent. During the old days, the painting was through hand printing or brushing. Now, things are becoming advanced. You can now paint with a spray can, pencils, crayons, or even… Continue reading Diamond Painting Websites