Stained Glass Patterns

Have you ever visited a church and appreciated its beauty? As soon as you enter a cathedral, you will be able to witness the beauty of stained glasses. These have spectacular designs, and some even narrate a story.

Stained glasses have been a trend for years. In fact, people can now DIY at home by using stained glass kits. Since you are new to the world of stained glass, we thought of sharing some information with you.

This informative post tells you everything about stained glasses, its history, and we also included stained glass patterns for beginners as well as experts. Some of them are intricate, while others are easy to design on glass.

Read the entire post to gain understanding about the different patterns and how to DIY it.

What is Stained Glass?

A stained glass is a coloured glass. It been around for thousand years, and we do not think that the trend will die too soon.

Many of the historical marvels have stained glasses that beautiful the structure and the interiors. When we talk about stained glass as an art & craft, it requires the artist to have the skill to conceive a wonderful design and even to assemble the pieces, engineering skills are needed.

To add color to the glasses, experts use different techniques. It could be pot metal, flashed glass, cousin’s rose, or even cold painting.

A mix of chemicals can help you to get the desired color of glass. A hint of manganese gives a beautiful amethyst color, and in ancient times, cobalt blue was added to give rise to a blue-colored glass.

Hence, the process required skills and knowledge both. But, if you are wondering how one can DIY it, there are ways to go about it.

Brief History of Stained Glass

Colored glass has existed for overt thousand years. Both Egyptians and Romans indulged in coloring glasses and making small objects out of it.

Then, when the churches came into existence and became prominent in 4th and 5th century, the builders added a touch of elegance by putting up stained glass windows. These were gigantic in size, and these stained glasses narrated the story of Christ.

The question is – Why did the builders of these cathedrals use stained glass windows? They could have chosen anything, but they opted for stained glasses.

There are quite a few reasons behind this.

For starters, stained glasses look aesthetically appealing. They add a touch of beauty and elegance to the whole structure. Secondly, there was a time when some people were not literate. Since literacy rates were quite low at that time, people who came to the cathedral could not read the Bible.

So, the creators showcased the story of Christ on stained glasses. You will get to see different patterns, image of Christ, Mother Mary, and a lot more on these stained glasses.

The marriage of light and color is a match made in heaven. Light passes through these large stained glasses, and it lights up the whole church. Since light has a crucial role in most of the religions, churches utilized stained glasses. In 1607, stained glass reached America. As years kept passing by, the popularity of stained glass doubled-up.

In  churches, these were used as informative and decorative pieces. Jewish temples got mesmerized by the beauty of stained glasses, and included them in synagogues. Mausoleums also incorporated the same.

Later on, it became a trendy piece in houses. Even till date, you will find houses with stained glasses and intricate designs. This makes us think about all the beautiful stained glass patterns!

If you are interested in stained glass art, keep reading as we have listed some kits and stained glass patterns for you.

Get a Stained Glass Kit For DIY Projects

If stained glass art is a hobby or you want to make it a profession, it might get expensive to buy different tools for the artwork. Here’s something you need to know: you can buy a starter stained glass kit for yourself or for your loved one.

And, these will contain all the tools that you need for the DIY project. It could be a Christmas gift for someone or you could kick-start your DIY project too.

This kit will include starter supplies such as:

  • Protective glasses
  • Running pliers
  • Glass gutter
  • Soldering iron
  • Ruler
  • Marking pen
  • Abrasive stone
  • copper foil
  • Flux remover
  • Burnisher and fid

ZUOS Stained Glass 13 Piece Kit

We picked this product for you because it contains everything you need to create the perfect stained glass. It allows you to work on glass conveniently. The icing on the cake is that it includes gloves as well.

Delphi Stained Glass Starter Kit

The next kit we have mentioned is sold by Delphi. If you are beginning the artwork, this kit is going to be your best companion all through the journey. You also get an 8-piece stained glass pack.

In case you get stuck along the way, use the DVD included in the package. It will give you all the necessary details. The kit includes the following tools – glass cutter (supercutter), soldering iron (100-watt), fid and burnisher, ruler, abrasive stone, marking pen, safety glasses, a stained glass pack, Gryphon Gryphette grinder, breaker, copper foil, flux remover, and 60/40 solder.

Delphi Creativity Starter Stained Glass Kit

Here’s another product that you might like. All the directions are given in the instruction booklet. Moreover, there is a Delphi DVD to help you get started. This can be a great way to watch and learn.

Get started with your DIY project. We have some really pretty patterns below that you can try making on glass. This kit has everything you need. From Weller 100-watt soldering iron to running pliers – this package has everything, but it only weighs 10lbs. So, you can carry it anywhere you like.

Did you find what you were looking for? The startup kits mentioned above are quite useful. But, before purchasing the best product, take a look at the stained glass patterns for beginners and art enthusiasts.

Stained Glass Patterns for Beginners

We have gathered all the beautiful patterns you could design on glass. Here are some of the designs for beginners. Since you are new to this form, it is good to start with flowers, sunshine, nature, and animals. You could also design sceneries. 

stained glass

The first design is of two flowers and its leaf. It is a clean design and does not require intricate strokes. Feel free to practice the drawing on a piece of paper or old glass.

You have to ensure to pick the right colors for the design.

The second design is of a cat. The shapes surrounding the cat will look stellar with a pop of colors.

Once again, we have a stained glass pattern of a flower and its leaf. This is slightly intricate, but beginners can practice it on paper or an old glass piece. This is easy to draw. Don’t underestimate the importance of practicing. After all, practice makes a man/woman perfect.

The next pattern is of a girl. We would suggest you to start with flowers, and then move to human figures. As you can see, the design is intricate.

Here is a simple design of sun rays and clouds. You can easily draw this and fill beautiful colors

Stained Glass Patterns For Art Enthusiasts

Let’s take a look at some more stained glass patterns. These will be slightly challenging for beginners, but if you have practiced already, it is time to move on to the advanced stage.

The stained glass pattern showcases a howling wolf and a moon in the background.

The majority of the art enthusiasts like drawing fishes. Imagine the number of colors you can add to this design. It is a beautiful pattern, and you can see how convoluted the work is.

The last two patterns we have are complex, but they look beautiful on stained glass. You can keep them as a decorative piece in your home.

Lord Buddha is worshipped in different parts of the world. Lord Buddha left his kingdom to live a simple life. He left his family behind, and sat under the Bodhi tree for years.

This beautiful stained glass pattern is indeed a work of art, and you must recreate this.

As an art enthusiast, you will find plenty of stained glass patterns. These were just a few examples for you. Don’t shy away from pushing yourself and creating different patterns.

Consider this a learning phase where you will make small mistakes, but you will also get to practice. So, get your starter stained glass kit and begin your journey of creating masterpieces.

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