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People have all kinds of hobbies, and some transform into lifelong passions. When it comes to art and craft, people choose painting, drawing, wood crafting, etc. Another fascinating art form is stained art. As soon as Christianity became prominent, stained glass gained popularity. Arab architects in the Middle East picked up the trend and started creating similar pieces.

As years went by, stained glass became a popular art form and spread across different countries. You cannot deny that this art form is one of the most popular and cherished ones out there. 

Below we have an overview of what it takes to be into this field and how as a beginner, the stained glass kit can help you explore the process in a much easier way. Perhaps we can help you with the ways to choose the right stained glass kit! 

Churches and Stained Glass Art: The Connection 

Before we dive into the article – have you wondered why churches have stained glass windows? It is an interesting fact you should be aware of. 

It might be surprising for you, but the stained glass windows have a very practical and useful purpose. 

Firstly, light is a vital symbol in most religions. It is associated with heaven, the divine, spirituality, and creation. When architects started building the churches, they wanted more light inside the church. Plus, they wanted to give an aesthetic appeal to the interiors as well as exteriors. 

Moreover, there is an interesting story behind this. Some people who went to the church were illiterate, so they could not read the Bible. The work of art on stained glasses would tell a story. It played the role of visual representations. Hence, stained glasses exist in the majority of churches. 

When function and form amalgamate and form a union, it gives birth to beautiful artwork. Hence, don’t shy away from embracing this art form. 

Difference between faux and real glass kit 

Faux glass, also called fake stained glass, is created by directly applying paint or any plastic decal to the glass. Though it’s easy to make faux stained glass, it generally doesn’t look genuine and fair. 

On the other hand, real stained-glass is manufactured by actual glass material and is more durable than faux stained glass. They are manufactured either by using lead or with the copper foil technique.

 It is vital to understand that the faux glass may be a part of the artwork, but it can never replace the stained glass’s price or value. A stained glass kit is all about the art form’s heredity, whereas faux glass is just a cheap version of that art form. Faux stained glass is not durable, and the color used in the faux glass is not made of suitable materials like in the real stained glass. This is how authentic stained glass artwork is still one of the most loved and used forms of art. People hardly focus on the faux glass due to their inconvenience or nondurable features. 

You cannot remove the stain from real stained glass, unlike the faux glass, which can remove itself with time. The faux glass is just fake painted, whereas the real stained one is paint- fired. The real stained glass with copper can be around ten times more expensive than the low quality faux stained glasses.

The faux one might serve your purpose for some years, but the real glass would help you achieve your goal for decades or centuries. Real glass or stained glass is all about maintaining the legacy, whereas faux glass is just a fake version of stained glass, which is cheaper and is not that long-lasting.

But, it all depends on your personal preference. There is no record of durability for faux stained glass, but real stained glass does.

Check the cathedrals in Europe, and you will notice that the stained glass has endured for years. Removing a stain from real glass is not possible. Whereas, faux glass has a transparent paint on a crystal clear glass.

Now that you are aware of the difference, let’s take a look at what a stained glass kit is.

What is a stained glass kit?

Stained glass is a form of art where bright colors are used in mirrors to create a beautiful painting. It is mainly done on the windows or other objects through which light passes. Stained glass is an art form that can be considered an ancient art form. 

Getting a stained glass kit seems like a noble idea, especially if you try to embrace the art. It might not consist of fancy items or so, but it has everything needed to give you the correct guidance and information. The stained glass kit consists of many useful tools.

The kit contains the below-mentioned things which are required for the starters. 

What’s in the kit? 

The stained glass kit mostly includes Raw materials such as the stained glass, flux, score cutting fluid, solder, and copper foil. Some are hand-held tools such as the glass cutter, burnisher made from nylon, soldering iron, and pliers. Apart from these, they have power tools, protective gear, and an instructional booklet giving a proper insight about the tools and the procedure. We can place the kits into three categories: the beginner glass kit, the cheap glass kit, and the expensive glass kit. They come with variations of tools, and the budget differs for each. Professionals in the field mostly use the glass grinder in the expensive ones. Though it takes a bit of time to get familiar with the functioning, you will use it for every project once you are well acquainted with the device. 

This contains a straight edge guide, coolant drain, splash guard, built-in accessory drawer, and two differently sized grinding bits. In short, an excellent buy for someone who aspires to be a stained glass artist in a professional way. It also has soldering iron, and it is quite sufficient for working with stained glass; the excellent part is you can use it for many long hours without letting

yourself facing discomfort with the same. It is a durable, efficient, and comfortable tool for all the work you have got. The built-in temperature control feature can be adjusted from 464 degrees Fahrenheit to 1004 degrees Fahrenheit and energy-efficient.

Apart from this, the booklet contains all the instructions you need to follow as a beginner. 

The features may differ from one product to another, but most of them offer the same number of features. 

Note – Make sure you wear safety glasses before starting the DIY process.

Why should you opt for a stained glass kit?

Buying all the items might go out of your budget, but a kit consists of everything you need. That’s one way of saving some extra dollars and Euros. 

A stained glass kit can help gather all the required tools and help in using those tools in a better way to create the stained glass art form. It is all about making better artwork rather than creating faux glass and focusing on less costly materials. The stained glass kit provides all the necessary materials along with instructions on how to use the tools. This makes the toolkit user friendly, and this is why the painters must focus on the stained glass kit rather than buying the devices from different places.

Thus, it will make the painting easier for the painter and help them allocate the tools properly. The properties of the tools and the methods to use those tools are explained in the instruction box. That makes it easier to make the whole artwork.

 On the other hand, using this tool will help in doing some small paintings as guided in the toolkit. The toolkit is of great use and will help the beginners focus on their artwork without any difficulties. Facing difficulties while starting a new work is expected, so the tool kit is useful for beginners who want to try this art form. 

Concluding thoughts

The above discussion is focused on the significant difference between faux glass and stained glass. It is discussed how both the glasses vary from each other and how others use them. 

Stained glass is a form of art that was famous back in the 17th and 18th centuries. This form of artwork became a significant attraction for the people, and it turned out to be one of their

hobbies. Let’s not forget that Christians used it in their churches to create a beautiful effect. You can use stained glass art in any part of your home or even decorate glass pieces. The faux glass can be considered as a remake of the real stained glass artwork. The faux glass is nondurable, which makes the whole painting a significant failure compared to the actual stained glass.

 Using the stained glass artwork is better than faux glass as the stained glass artwork is long-lasting compared to that of the faux glass. The materials used for stained glass artwork are made by melting materials, making the whole work durable and beautiful. It is essential to use tool kits that are made for stained glass as it can not only help to finish the work effortlessly but can also help beginners to start a new art form without any difficulties.

The tool kit includes different tools and materials like score cutting fluid, flux, copper foil, and many more. 

If you are just getting started, make sure you pick a product which is good for beginners.

You will plenty of options on Amazon!

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