Full drill diamond painting

You must have come across the term ‘Diamond Painting.’ Maybe you overheard your colleague mentioning her newfound hobby or saw a random video on diamond painting while scrolling through your social media. In case you were wondering where exactly you could look up to understand more about ‘Diamond Painting,’ you have come to the right place.

Diamond painting is a simple hobby that has gained popularity now. It has its origin in Asia. There are few technical terminologies associated with it that make it sound not very easy. As with any complex concept, once broken down and explained in parts, everything is fundamentally easy.

Understanding the Concept of Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a new age art form where rhinestones or gems are glued to pre-designed color-coded canvases. A picture is broken up to the pixel level, and each pixel has a color code denoted by symbols or letters. The rhinestones or gems come in labeled packets, each having a unique color code. One has to use the legend in the corner of the canvas to find the matching colors. Then the stones can be fixed on the canvas accordingly. Since these are made of rhinestones, they have a glistening finish, and they are a real beauty to behold.  

These gems or rhinestones are made of plastic, and diamond painting has nothing to do with diamonds. This means it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Diamond painting has nothing to do with the conventional way of artwork either. So, if you are a person who has always admired people who can paint by creating masterpieces out of blank sheets, this might be your calling. That’s because you don’t need to learn to hold a brush; all you have to know is to hold a ‘drill pen,’ and you are ready to make beautiful paintings and even replicate masterpieces. All the decision-making regarding color and structure is already done; all you have to do is choose the image. Once picked and finished, these pretty things can either be hung on walls or be gifted to loved ones. To make things easier, they come in kits with all the requisite tools.

A standard diamond painting kit comes with a pre-designed color-coded canvas, drills, drill pens, drill tray, and red wax. There are additional tools that diamond painters use for more ease of working, but these have to be brought separately. This might make one wonder if this is a tool kit for a mining operation or an upcoming war. Don’t let the technical terms scare you away; if you read further, you will be ready to drill by the time you reach the end of the article.

What’s with the ‘drill’?

Don’t get confused by seeing the term “drill.” These don’t imply the drilling machines or anything of that sort! Drills are nothing but the shiny rhinestones that come with the kit. When neatly stacked together, they shimmer in perfection! Drill pens usually come along with the painting kit. These pens have specially designed tips that can hold drills while transferring them onto the canvas. Some applicator pens come with single and multiple (usually a row of four) drill-holding tips. The pen has to be embedded with red wax so that it can hold the drills without falling. There are different drill pens for round and square drills (Now, if you are wondering what they are, they are addressed later). There are also other types of drill pens, and some people convert ordinary ball pens into drill pens as they are more comfortable to hold. There are drill trays with small ridges that help with keeping the drills in place, making the job a whole lot easier.

Now, all you have to do is to stick the matching color drills onto the canvas. But before you proceed, it wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit more about diamond paintings.

Partial v/s Full Drill Diamond painting: The Difference and How to Choose?

What does this mean now? If you wonder why such a wonderful hobby has to have so many confusing terminologies, you are not alone. So partial drill does not mean you get broken drills or half-filled pictures. These are different kinds of diamond paintings.

Partial Drill Diamond Painting: These cover only a small area of the canvas. The rest of the surface will either be simplistic and plain or have a graphic design to suit the drill painting. Partial drill paintings are ideal for beginners and those who lack the patience to do more time-consuming paintings. These are also a great choice when you want to get people’s focus on any specific part of your image. For example, Mona Lisa might look pretty on a partial drill. Similarly, paintings with plain backdrops look better in partial drill paintings as they give a three-dimensional view of the drilled area.

Full Drill Diamond Painting: You might have already figured out that full drill paintings must be the ones covering the canvas completely. Once completed, these look more beautiful than the partial drill paintings. So, if you have patience and a little more time to invest, these full drill paintings are a better choice. These are also the best choice for doing customized diamond paintings of portraits.

In case you think you have acquired enough knowledge on diamond paintings and you are ready to start, you are wrong. There is still some more you need to know.

3D and 5D Drills: What are these?

If you have read so far, you must be pretty serious about doing diamond painting on your own, which means you would have tried ordering a kit and got stumbled at choices like 3D, 5D. In either case, you need to know what these mean, so that you can choose as per your requirement. The numbers are nothing but the number of facets on each side of the drill. So a 3D drill has three facets on each side, making a total of 9 facets. Similarly, the 5D drill has five facets each, giving 15 facets in total. Now, you are ready to make an informed choice!

Now, one will come across another dilemma!

Round v/s Square drills

The terms are self-explanatory, round drills are round in shape, and square drills are squared. However, there are pros and cons associated with each, and one has to decide which to work with.

Round drills are easy to work with because you don’t have to worry about their placement on the canvas. They also cover a larger area of the painting in less time. Square drills, however, need more meticulous efforts. They need to be carefully aligned as they might slip and get glued in the wrong position. They take more time to work with because they are more tightly arranged and cover much less of the canvas area than a round drill. But, square drills give more perfection to the painting, and they look prettier. This is because they are tightly packed giving more depth and intensity to the image.

So, while deciding which type of drill to pick, a quick tip would be to go for round drills if the painting is huge and detailed. Instead, it is better to use square drills for small images because round drills in short pictures will give a pixilated look to it, taking away its beauty. But there is no fault in choosing a square drill for a large painting if you are really into it and have ample time to complete it. After all the painstaking hours you put into a large image using square drills, you might find your eyes lighten up at the masterpiece you have created all by yourself!

Concluding Thoughts

If you have stayed so far, you are committed and, most importantly, apt for taking up diamond painting as a hobby. A few more tips would help you fare the world of diamond painters. Diamond painting is a suitable activity to dissolve anxiety and stress one faces in today’s world. This is why this art form gained popularity at pandemic times. However, one needs to keep in mind that diamond painting requires straining your eyes for long hours. There are light pads available to increase the color codes’ readability; it would be wise to use these while working in low light conditions. Another great takeaway would be that ‘Size matters!’

Before you get any ideas and thoughts, let’s give you some clarity here.

 It is always better for detailed images to go for a large canvas, else you would be disappointed after the work is completed. Simultaneously, a large canvas also means it will take up a large space to store it. It will be wise to keep this in mind while selecting a picture to work with.

So what are you waiting for? By now, all your apprehensions over diamond painting are over, and you are all set to start your brand new hobby. You can now proudly recreate Van Gogh’s starry night or gift your best friend a customized painting shimmering with glory!

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