Customized Diamond Painting

Painting color over diamonds or fake diamonds? No, you guessed it wrong.

Diamond painting is a trending art form, where you glue shimmering rhinestones to a color-coded canvas. Once finished, they look so pretty with the tiny rhinestones or drills popping up in a lined-up fashion. They are readily available online, where you can purchase DIY diamond painting kits that come with the canvas, drills, and all other necessary tools.

Owing to their popularity, they are available in different types and sizes. There are partial and full drill paintings. Partial drill paintings cover only specific portions of the canvas, leaving some parts blank or graphic designs. These are ideal for beginners as they can be finished quickly and make you addicted enough to opt for full drill paintings. This is because full drill paintings are the real beauty; they cover the entire canvas elegantly and give more depth to the image.

Let’s talk about customized diamond painting. Instead of placing diamonds on a wolf or Starry Night by Van Gogh, it would be thoughtful to place rhinestones on personalized pictures.

How can you customize it?

Customized Diamond Paintings are nothing but custom-made canvases. You can pick a picture of your choice and send it to the online vendor. They will send back your customized diamond painting kit, which has the image printed on the canvas with color-codes and matching drills to stick. Some vendors have professional design teams to provide additional enhancements to the photo, like adjusting color and brightness.

Care has to be taken while picking pictures too. Low-quality images are not recommended to customize as they would only result in blurry diamond paintings. Similarly one has to go for a large canvas for pictures with people/pets/personal moments in them. This is to make sure that the painting looks precisely similar to the picture.

When more detailing comes in an image, a larger canvas will showcase them flawlessly, and a smaller canvas just won’t give you the results you are looking for. Also, in some sites, you have to stretch the photo into the canvas’s size, or it will get printed only in a small area leaving the rest of the canvas blank.

Most vendors provide only full drill painting kits. This is because the painting looks perfect as a full drill. Some vendors offer half drill paintings focusing solely on the subject with printed backgrounds, but due to the popularity of full drill custom paintings, these are harder to find. But all vendors provide you with the option to choose the kind of drill you want to work with. You can pick either round or square drill as per your preference. However, for the painting to have more depth and intensity, it would be wise to go for the square drills even though they are quite challenging to work on and time-consuming.

Why Customized Diamond Painting Is A Wonderful Gift Option?

Customized diamond paintings are the perfect new-age gifts. Like customized photos and gifts like framed pictures, photo mugs, and t-shirts, they are adored for the personal touch it gives to the gift. They are also economical when compared to getting the same picture oil painted by an artist. Most canvases and drills are environment friendly, which is an add-on. As a gift for loved ones, they have a special touch to it. It makes the recipient understand that you did not merely buy a random gift from the shop.

Efforts count, especially in relationships. Think about all those special occasions – Valentine’s Day to Christmas.  And, let’s not forget Thanksgiving. Instead of gifting flowers and chocolates, a diamond painting seems like a memorable option.

You took the pain of re-creating the perfect picture or cherished memory by making a diamond painting. It would take hours to complete a detailed, customized diamond painting, and that would make the gift priceless.

You can also gift yourself a customized painting. It gives you additional motivation to complete the diamond painting task. That is, customization makes the art even more addictive. Even working on a diamond painting is a self-gift as it is a form of mindfulness-based art therapy.  

The Best Customized Diamond Painting Kits

We found some fine brands online selling customized diamond painting kits. Take a quick look!

  • Chosen Custom Diamond Painting

They have high-quality custom diamond paintings. They have only full drill options, where the entire canvas will illuminate with drills. But you can choose between round and square drills. All you have to do is pick a picture and send it by clicking the ‘customize now’ option on the site. They ship very fast, and you can get your kit within a month of order. They also have a compensation policy in case you get a defective diamond painting. Their motto is that product may not be the best, but they will provide the best service, and it is essential when it comes to custom kits. They have a 24 hours customer service to clear all your queries and needs.

  • Run far Diamond Painting Custom Photos

They specialize in custom photos. They also include free photo enhancements. These include basic cropping and framing, shadow and light enhancements, brightness and contrast adjustments in the photo and optimized color correction, etc. They take extra care to review and optimize every image. But they also suggest going for a larger canvas as that will not result in a blurry image. Most of the time, custom photos will have more detailing like more people or an intricate background; this might look blurry in smaller sized canvases. They suggest a canvas of at least 40 cm for busy images with lots of details.

  • OneHippo Personalized Photo Customized Diamond Painting Kits

Another great option to order your custom kit. They provide good quality full drill custom paintings. OneHippo comes with additional 20% drills for clumsy people who might end up losing the drills. They also have printed instructions along with the kit on how to kick start your diamond painting. They use only eco-friendly canvases. They try their best to supply high definition patterns with good texture and aesthetic feel, but from our part, it is wise to choose a larger picture as the greater the pixels, the better the painting. Another point to note is that they do not come with frames and supply only rolled canvas in the kit. So make sure you order the frames additionally if you intend to hang your painting as a wall d├ęcor

  • Miaodu Custom Diamond Painting kits for adults and kids

This is a pioneer in diamond painting products. They have been supplying kits for over ten years and have a professional design team to ensure that you get a high-quality color-coded canvas. Like most other custom kits, these are also full drills and covers the whole canvas. You can also choose between round and square drills. They give 30% additional drills; now, you don’t have to worry about missing a drill or two. They also provide more drills in cases where the shipment has fewer drills than required etc. They have an excellent customer service team available 24 hours a day to clear all your doubts regarding your order as well as your kit.

Reading about all these details, one might think custom diamond painting is a trickier activity.

Read further to allay your fears.

Is it tough to work on a customized diamond painting?

This is a question people tend to ask when they hear about custom diamond paintings. An honest answer would be toughness to work with depends purely on the picture you have selected. Since custom paintings are large, it takes more time to complete it, for photos with too many shadows and intricate backgrounds, a lot of subtly different shades will be present. This makes it slightly tricky as one has to pay attention to each subtle change of color.

 Even among non-customized paintings, if you are selecting a large picture with lots of detailing, it will be difficult and time-consuming to finish it off. So, if you worry about the time required to complete the painting, you can go for portraits with plain or single-colored backgrounds. This way, the image will have a fewer number of colors and detailing and can be finished quickly. Similarly, the choice of drills also matters. Round ones are easier to work with but they might look inferior to the same completed with square ones. This is because square ones are tightly arranged and cover up all the spaces in the canvas, enhancing the glossiness of diamond paintings. However, square drills are such a pain! While gluing them, one has to take additional care to align them correctly. This makes them time-consuming. But all the effort will pay off when you see it completed in its full glory.

So, you can dismiss the notion the “customized diamond paintings are tough to do” because there is no such distinction. It’s just the same old diamond painting only difference here is that you get to personalize it. Instead of Mona Lisa or Marilyn Monroe, you can have your own photo diamond painted! Besides, it is an addictive hobby. Once you start doing it, it will become an addiction.

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