Best diamond painting kits reviews – Complete guide

Are you looking for the best diamond painting kits?

The world of art is vivid and intriguing. If you are an art and craft enthusiast, there is a multitude of new things to learn. 

There is something new and exciting for craft lovers, and it’s called ‘diamond painting.’ Perhaps it is not as new, but it has become popular in this era. 

If you are an amateur who want to learn about diamond painting, or looking for tips on making diamond painting, as well as how to protect it from damage or how to place it on your wall, then this is the go to guide for you.

In this guide, we will explore every facet of Diamond Painting to help you make sense of it. Moreover, I will also show you my compiled list of best diamond painting kits available in the market.

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

The very first question probably coming to your mind is – What is a diamond painting? As you move forward, you will come across all the important aspects of diamond painting. We left no stone unturned. 

So, hold your horses and let’s start from the beginning.

What is diamond painting

In the world of arts and crafts, diamond painting is fast growing activity which is very popular among craftswomen.

But the main questions is: What is diamond painting?.

Well, it’s not about painting on real diamonds, like the name implies. Such a hobby would be extremely expensive which would exclude many craftspeople from participation.

The diamond painting is also known as diamond cross stitch, diamond stitch, or diamond art and diamond embroidery. This is a brilliant way for anyone who loves craftsmanship, regardless of age.

The art originated in Asia but gained popularity over the years. Unlike complicated artworks, this requires less effort, and you can create something dazzling and shimmery. 

Jennifer Chu, the director of e-commerce and sales for the Diamond Art Club, says that diamond painting is an amalgamation of ‘painting by numbers’ game and cross-stitch. Interesting, isn’t it?

An applicator is used for applying hundreds (perhaps thousands) of sparkle resin rhinestones. The creator applies it one-by-one on a canvas painting. This painting has adhesive, and it has color coding as well. When you finish applying the shimmery resin rhinestones, the result is a shimmery and vibrant piece of art. 

You must be aware of color with the number game. If you are aware of the process, this one’s quite similar too. The sparkling resins are of different colors. So, you have to see the number on the canvas and check the color associated with it. Take one piece of shimmery resin and stick it on the image. 

When the process is complete, you will be proud of yourself. As a result, it looks spectacular. You can gift it to a special friend, hang it in your home/office, or even sell it online.

Please note that even though it is called diamond painting, you will not be using real diamonds. That would go out of budget, right? Perhaps one day, you WILL be able to use real diamonds, but you will gain access to small shimmery resins that stick to the canvas when you purchase a diamond painting kit. 

Hold that thought! All of this may seem complicated to some people. This brings us to the next question – Is diamond painting easy? Keep reading to find out the answer! 

Is diamond painting easy?

If you are worried about the skills required for this artwork, don’t be overwhelmed. Diamond painting is a cakewalk for all. However, you need to understand the concept before beginning. Prior experience is not a necessity, plus it is quite remunerative for those who want to start a business. 

Take a deep breath! You would need a lot of patience and dedication to ace this art. Once you get the hang of the technicalities, you will get obsessed with it. 

Most importantly, don’t be in a rush to finish. You would need to place the shimmery resins one-by-one. It is possible that most of the art forms make you scratch your head. They are way too complicated! Plus, it takes time to learn something new and then ace it. 

Besides, diamond painting relaxes your mind and gives you a sense of achievement. When you place each of the rhinestones/resins and reach the final stage, there is a sense of accomplishment. 

Let’s make this simple for you! Avoid all the technical jargon written all over the internet. 

There is a sticky canvas, and it is numbered. Each number represents a specific color resin. You have to check the number on the canvas and see which color is assigned. For example, #1 represents blue shimmery resins, #2 is red, #3 is pink, and #4 is yellow. 

This owl painting will blow your mind. So, if the owl eyes read ‘4’, you have to fill it with blue shimmery resins. The background of the owl painting says, ‘2’, so you have to fill this with red shimmery resins. Wasn’t this simple to grasp? 

In a nutshell, diamond painting is very easy. After sticking the first resin, you will get the hang of how you need to proceed. Thereon, the process will be simple. 

How long does it take to finish a diamond painting?

How long does it take to finish a diamond painting
How long does it take to finish a diamond painting.

There is no complication. However, the canvas might demand extra time from you. But, how long does it take to finish a diamond painting? This is a tricky question considering every piece of work is not going to take the same amount of time. 

It depends on the following:

· The size of the painting

· Tools you possess

· Your priorities (some artists take their own sweet time to finish)

It also depends on how fast you are. Some artists take a minute to place ten diamonds/resins, and others might place 30 in a minute. So, you have to ask yourself – How fast can I place the resins? Perhaps you can do a little speed test.  

Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks, but for the more complicated works, it might take a couple of months. If you have focus and dedication, you might even finish it this weekend. It all depends on how much time you are dedicating each day. 

Considering you are new to this, we thought of sharing a quick ‘how to diamond paint’ for you: 

1. Learn to read the canvas. It has tiny boxes that are labeled and colored with numbers. Now, each of these numbers is associated with a diamond/beads/resins color. You will find that the numbers are written on a number and color chart. In most cases, this chart will be on the side of the canvas. 

2. Now is the time to unroll the unfinished/raw canvas. Tape it to a flat surface. It is covered with plastic film. It is advisable not to remove the protective film all at once. You do not want the stickiness to reduce. The stickiness is what will hold the diamonds/resins. 

3. Look at the canvas and see the numbers on it. Now, take a look at the chart and find out what color is #1, #2, #3, and so on. Work with one color to avoid confusion. Make sure your working space is neat, and the diamonds are placed separately. 

4. In the diamond painting kit, you will find an applicator pen and gel. Dip the applicator tip into this gel as this will help you pick the diamonds easily. 

5. Press the applicator tip onto the diamond/resin’s round side. 

6. Now, place this resin on the canvas wherever the associated number is mentioned. 

7. You have to repeat all the steps mentioned above to complete your project. 

Easy, right? Now that you are aware of the process and things you should not be doing, we thought of sharing some of the best diamond painting kits list with you. Read the next section to find out the most amazing products in the market. 

Best diamond painting kits

If you are interested in diamond painting, then owning the best diamond painting kits is recommended. It has all the tools you need for indulging in the artwork.

However, before you buy the best diamond painting kit, you need to be aware of what makes it a kit! 

Here’s something you need to know: 

A diamond kit consists of the following tools.

· A printed canvas (size should be of your preference) 

· Resin diamonds/rhinestones/shiny beads in the required colors. The manufacturers will always add extra resins so that you don’t run out of it middle of the project. 

· An easy to clean plastic tray which holds the resin/beads. 

· An applicator pen to pick the diamonds. This makes the process easy. 

· Glue or wax to dip the applicator pen and pick the beads.  So, now we have some of the best diamond painting kit reviews for you. This is going to be quick and fun to read! Don’t skip this section because it consists of the most worthy products out there. 

Mobius 5D DIY Diamond Painting by Number Kits

Drum rolls, please! This is the first product on our list, and there is a valid reason for it. 

The canvas is of a lighthouse. The colors are quite vivid. Now, please note that this is a 5D diamond painting. The size is 35 x 45 CM / 14 X 18 inches. The rhinestone material you will get in the kit is round. The resin particles are realistic and shiny. 

Where could you place this painting

We suggest the home artists hang it in the living room. This painting will beautify any dull wall. So, don’t shy away from buying this amazing product. 

Expert tip: The painting is a little complicated, so we won’t recommend it to beginners. 

But, what about the beginners? We have a product for them as well!

5D DIY Diamond Painting – Animal Resin Cross Stitch Kit

Dogs are precious! They wag their tails and win your heart. They say that dogs are a man’s (and a woman’s) best friend. If you are into animals (dogs, to be precise), you can purchase this 5D DIY diamond painting resin cross stitch kit. 

Where could you place this painting?

The canvas is of a dog, and the size is 25 cm x 35 cm. You will get a rolled canvas and not the frame/mirror. In the package, you will get the painting, the round resin particles, and the pasting material. 

Become a giver in life. You can gift this adorable diamond painting to a friend or an animal enthusiast. If you are an animal lover yourself, consider hanging it on your wall.

Expert tip: It takes one sitting to complete this particular project. So, it is great for beginners. 

YBMY 5D Diamond Painting Kit Alien Canvas 

This is one of the best diamond painting kits for alien lovers. If you are intrigued by the colors of an alien, you can get this product. 

You will get a tray to keep the diamonds, the painting, the pointed pen, sealing bags, clay, and the round resins. There is a 100% color match, and you will be surprised to see the end result. Overall, it is a wonderful product. 

Where could you place this painting? 

Place the painting on the wall. It has such beautiful colors that it will look good anywhere! 

Expert tip: The canvas is sticky, so all the resins will stick perfectly. 

Bemall DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit

Sunsets and coconut trees look beautiful, isn’t it? Now you can cherish the view anytime with this DIY Diamond painting kit, which has shades of the sunset and coconut trees. 

It comes with a pen tool, a canvas, round beads, a tray, and gel. 

Where could you place this painting? 

The painting looks really good behind a dining table, living room, or even your room. You can also gift it to someone who loves different colors the sky.  Expert tip: It is not meant for beginners. There are different shades of beads, which might be complicated for a newbie. 

Custom diamond painting

Sometimes you need to customize a painting as per the client’s preference. Let’s say you want to gift a diamond painting to your beloved husband or a special someone. You might want to add a personal touch to it. In such cases, the custom diamond painting comes into the picture. 

Instead of buying a random canvas, there will be an image of you and your partner. You can fill this with beads/shiny resins to create the WOW effect. 

So, basically, custom diamond painting is personalized. It has a message or a heartfelt thought. It could be a baby’s picture, a proposal message, a wedding picture, or even a photo of someone’s mother. 

Custom diamond paintings are excellent gifts on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and even graduation day. It puts a smile on someone’s face, and they are able to preserve it for years. 

While it is easy to buy a custom diamond painting from a professional, people indulge in DIY custom diamond painting as well. It all depends on how much time you can give to create the artwork. 

What can you do with leftover diamond painting beads?

All the manufacturers pack extra diamond painting beads because they don’t want the customer to run out. Sometimes, the DIY project requires extra beads. The chances are that you might have some leftover diamond painting beads. 

What can you do with them? Well, you can utilize them for another project. We don’t like to waste resources. They can be used in multiple ways. Here are some cool ideas for you: 

· Beads in a bottle: Kids love putting different shades of sand in a bottle. You can buy a tiny bottle and place all the leftover beads in it. Shake it up and use it as a decorative piece. 

· Creating cute ornaments: If we have leftover beads/resins, we will make cute ornaments with them. Cut a fabric, paste different color beads on it, and create a dazzling dangler with this. You would need to create a little mechanism that goes into the ear piercing. There are other accessories you can make out of beads. You can cover a Christmas bell or star with these beads and create decorative pieces for the festive season. 

· Old Sneakers Artwork: If you have an old pair of white sneakers, paste the colorful beads and make them look snazzy.  Beads of different colors can add life to any dull object. You have to use your imagination! Let your imagination run wild. Can you do that?  

What to Do With Finished Diamond Painting?

There are quite a few things you can do with a finished diamond painting. For starts, you should let it set. Check if the diamonds/resins are properly sticking to the canvas or not. How do you check it? Well, put some weight on the resins or use a rolling pin to see if any of the beads are coming out or not. 

We recommend you to use brush-on sealers in case there is no protective glass on top of the artwork. While you are using a sealer on the painting, make sure your pets and little children are in another room. 

Use a craft brush and dip it into the sealer. Then, apply the sealer to the embellished work using broad strokes. Don’t worry if it looks white in color because as it dries up, the color will become transparent. Hence, there is nothing to worry about. 

Spray sealers are also available. These dry up quickly but do not fill the gaps between the beads/resins. 

If you follow all our tips, you will be able to create a masterpiece, and it will shine like a bright star. 

Once it is set and dry, you can gift it to your loved ones or even sell it. Online businesses are doing quite well, and the trend shall remain constant for many years to come. So, go ahead and invest in the best diamond painting kits. 

Make sure you follow all the steps that we mentioned in the ‘how to’ section. Lastly, don’t rush. Great things take time to develop. Follow this mantra – one resin at a time! 

Best Diamond Painting Kits Tips

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