5D Diamond Painting

Diamond painting can be considered one of the latest hobbies that individuals have, a mixture of paint with color and cross-stitch. When Coronavirus entered Planet Earth in 2020, many families and couples spent several months inside their home. The lockdown period gave rise to new hobbies, and some even became fitter during this time. Diamond painting became a fun activity for kids as well as adults. 

As we mentioned before, diamond painting is a blend of two types of activities. Instead of coloring the drawing, you will be sticking beads on it. While its name is diamond painting, but artists do not use real diamonds in this form of artwork. Perhaps one day, you will get the budget to paint with natural diamonds, but this one has beads and rhinestones. 

If you remember the Color by Numbers activity from your childhood days, then diamond painting is something you would be able to do without any hassle. 

Here’s an informative post on 5D Diamond Painting. We have explained what it means and how it is different from 3D diamond painting. Well, there is more in this article. Let’s begin! 

5D Diamond painting

5D diamond painting can be considered one of the latest painting trends that require small or shiny diamonds, which are also known as beads or drills. 5D diamond painting is nothing but breaking down every individual image into specific patterns. 

 The beads or the drills used to create this 5D diamond painting are about 2.5 mm in size and extremely shiny to create a lustrous texture in the image when analyzed from different angles. The shapes which are most often used to create the 5D diamond painting are- square and round. Apart from these two shapes, you can use many other forms. 

Understanding the Concept of 5D Diamond Painting Kits

It is essential to understand the painting kits used in the 5D Diamond painting. It gives you a fair idea about how to work with different tools. Different types of kits are used to create a 5D Diamond painting. Most manufacturers provide various equipment within the package that is used for 5D Diamond painting.

Almost every manufacturer offers some standard tools with windows tool kits. Often it has been seen that the toolkits contain tools like- baggies, tweezers, a wax pad, a sorting tray, and a pen tool.

The basic applicator pen included in the box is satisfactory for beginners, but as you become a PRO, you might want to buy a separate applicator pen for the activity. After all, you will keep getting better at it as you move forward. 

Most of the manufacturers offer a sheet, which is also known as the Diamond legend, which lists up all the specifications like- the color of the drill, the shape, or the number of drills. Many other unique tools are often used by the artist of the 5D Diamond painting. 

A Quick Definition of 3D Diamond Painting

3D Diamond painting is another form of diamond painting that is different from the 5D Diamond painting. 3D Diamond painting is something that is done on a black canvas or preferably on a numbered canvas. Small shiny diamonds are used to create a beautiful image in 3D Diamond painting. The rhinestones used to create this painting are multi-colored – well, it depends on the canvas that needs to be embellished. The beads are also known as drills. The size of these used in the 3D painting is 2.5*2.5 mm in size. Once again, this can vary from one manufacturer to another. But that’s the standard size. 

Every drill is faceted. Facets are flat areas joined together to give a raised appearance. The ones artists use in 3D Diamond painting have three facets on each side, which means nine facets in total. It is often used by individuals who are starting to learn diamond painting. The 3D Diamond painting is perfect for practicing as it can be done with less expertise. That’s precisely why the 3D Diamond painting is used as a starting point to become a professional. 

3D V/s 5D Diamond Painting – The Difference

One of the significant differences that should be highlighted about the 3D and 5D Diamond painting is that the drills used in both images have different facets. The number of facets in the 3D Diamond drill is 9. At the same time, in 5D Diamond, it is 15. Each side has three facets, each in 3D Diamond, whereas there are five facets in each side of the drills used in the 5D Diamond painting. Apart from this difference, there is another significant difference between 3D diamond and 5D diamond painting.

5D diamond painting is comparatively more sparkling compared to that of the 3D diamond painting. This is mainly because the more the facets are, the more shining it will be as the facets in 5D drills are more than that of in 3D ones. The 5D diamond painting sparkles more in-depth. Another difference between the 3D and the 5D diamond painting is that professionals mainly opt for the latter. On the other hand, the 3D diamond painting is often done by non-professionals or for practice purposes. 

Round or Square – Which Diamond Drill Should You Choose? 

It is crucial to choose the drills’ shape wisely as the painting is partially dependent on the drills’ shape. Selecting the right shape of diamond drill is necessary as it will reflect the artwork done by the artist. 

 Before heading towards the main question, it is imperative to understand the specifications of both drills. The round ones are easy to use, and it is perfect for new artists.

On the other hand, square ones are not that easy to handle, but professionals can efficiently work with them. One of the advantages of using this drill is that it makes the work more beautiful than the round drill. Despite making the painting attractive, it has a drawback: it requires a lot of effort and hard work to put the drills in the right place. That’s why it will be more convenient to use the round drill as it is more comfortable to use and suitable for beginners. 

But, you do not have to be overwhelmed with the task on hand. There are diamond painting rulers that help you to place the diamonds/rhinestones at the correct spot. 

Before we move to the next section, here’s something you need to know: 

Square ones create a mosaic piece, and there is no scope for white space in between as the beads fit together perfectly. Since round ones are circular, they will never cover the canvas as a whole. But, since they are smaller in size, beginners can use this for DIY projects. 

Partial Vs. Full Drill

The partial name drill and the full drill itself are enough to elaborate on what it means. The partial one is defined as the drill that covers the canvas partially. This means that the artists or painters mainly use a partial drill to highlight a particular part in the diamond painting. Generally, the full is the opposite of a partial one as it covers the whole canvas without leaving any space. That’s how both the drills are different from each other in the first place. When they want to highlight a particular spot or any specific object that, according to them, is important, artists use the partial drill. Partial drills make the area bright and visible to the viewers. 

On the other hand, the full drill is one of the most common things done in diamond painting. The artists do this to cover the whole canvas and make it vibrant and bright. They make sure that all the specifications added to the canvas look stellar and vivid. 

Concluding thoughts

From the above discussion, we can see that the 5D Diamond painting is one of the leading hobbies and most people love it because it does not require expertise. The 5D diamond painting is done with small beads with 15 facets to make the image look brighter. The beads in this painting process are of different shapes, and the size of one bead is 2.5*2.5 mm. The beads can be of a different color, and all you have to do is paste on the sticky adhesive canvas.

There are two types of diamond painting, among which one is 5D, and the other is 3D. There are different tools used for 5D diamond painting. These include applicator pen, adhesive/wax, tray, and roller. While these are the essential tools you will find in a kit; the manufacturers add tweezers and bags. Different manufacturers offer various instruments in their toolkits, but the standard items will always be present. 

The drill shape used in the diamond painting is mostly square or round, among which the round shape is easier to use, and the square shape is used for perfection. There are different types of drills, among which the full and the partial ones are discussed above. Full drill covers the whole canvas, whereas partial one highlights some of the parts in the canvas. 

We hope this article gave you all the necessary information regarding 5D diamond painting and how it differs from 3D. Our endeavor is to provide you the most accurate details about the diamond painting.  Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family! 

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